About Bridal Boutique of Arizona

Bridal Boutique of Arizona is a full service, high fashion boutique designed to elevate the wedding gown shopping experience. BBAZ’s historic building in Phoenix’s Downtown Coronado District offers a luxurious yet inviting shopping atmosphere. Our brides can comfortably shop exclusive and exquisite bridal designs. The BBAZ team understands that selecting the perfect gown is part of an enjoyable wedding planning journey. We encourage our brides to relax and have fun. While at BBAZ, we want brides to feel pampered and loved. It is our mission to make every bride feel stylish and fabulous, like the best version of herself.

Bridal Boutique of Arizona

2501 N. 7th St. Phoenix, Arizona 85006 (602) 795-5122

Hours of Operation: By Appointment Only
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