Crisp, clean, and classy, white is a color that has always stood through the passing of times. Its versatility and softness lends itself to be used in nearly any way imaginable. Additionally, this baseline monochromatic color is a staple of the fashion world. White will never go out of style. For a timeless look on your big day, we suggest going with an all white wedding palette. Brides have been choosing this type of palette for generations, and we’ve collected some of the best tips and trends to showcase just how to pull it off perfectly.

There are many ways to set up a beautiful wedding utilizing this one color. Clean lines and sleek surfaces in porcelain white create a modern affair that is stylish and very unique. Delicate lace runners and draped florals in antique white make for a romantic occasion that delights with an easy setting. Grandiose chandeliers and glass vases or candle holders pair beautifully with crystal white for an upscale, elegant event that is sure to dazzle your guests. Yes, your wedding dress and florals and linens may be white – but that doesn’t mean it must look boring! Little accents such as silverware or floral print bridesmaid dresses are a great way to brighten up the space and offset the white. Talk to your baker about creative cake or dessert designs, or ask your rental company if they have any antique wood decor in white that would give charm and intrigue on your wedding day. For the bride who wants to make a statement in a classy way, look no further than an all white wedding palette!

All White Wedding Inspiration | Arizona Weddings Magazine