Details – big and small – can make a significant impact on your wedding. Rentals are one of these major detail areas because they can significantly change the style, mood and overall feel of the party. Our wedding rental experts are sharing their favorite rental trends and things to keep in mind when selecting rentals.


Rentals can fill a space with texture, color and style by enhancing existing characteristics of the venue or creating something completely different. “Rentals transform a plain venue into your dream wedding,” says Jeannette Kahwaji of Party People Ltd.

While many venues carry a certain amount of rentals, most of the time it’s very basic. “We have a lot of brides that come to us to pick out unique items to make their day special,” says Tara Mendoza of The Confetti Studio.


While every wedding is different, the common theme is a desire to have an amazing celebration space that truly encompasses the couple’s style.

An emerging trend is a grand head table at the reception. “A beautiful and unique head table with special chairs becomes a fantastic focal point!” says Jennifer Dudones of Glamour & Woods. This trend stems from the popular sweetheart table by being more inclusive of the entire wedding party.

Another trend that is here to stay is lounge seating. “Create beautiful areas for your guests to relax, socialize and have fun in. Lounge areas and lawn games are always a hit!,” says Dudones. Make the lounge your own by adding down pillows, rugs and throws in your wedding palette.

“Our favorite trend at the moment is vintage colored glassware,” says Mendoza. “We fell in love with photos on Pinterest featuring uniquely patterned and colored glassware for weddings.” With this new trend, feel free to mix and match colors and styles!

Ginia Lucas of Y-Knot Party & Rentals calls lighting “the best way to transform a room,” saying it can “soften corners and illuminate the important aspects of the rest of the rental design. Lighting doesn’t have to be fancy to make a statement. “Overhead bistro lighting and lighted canopy frames set the ambiance of a space making it warm and inviting,” says Kahwaji.

Now more than ever brides and grooms are looking for unique ways to showcase their personality and style throughout their wedding. Other popular rental trends include mirror or chalkboard escort card displays, wooden harvest tables, table runners instead of overlays, and mixing textures to create your dream space.

Wedding Trend: Let Rentals Transform Your Wedding & Reception | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Rentals: Y-Knot Party & Rentals | Photo: Innovative Photos

Wedding Trend: Let Rentals Transform Your Wedding & Reception | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Rentals: Glamour & Woods | Tabletops: The Confetti Studio | Photo: Minson Weddings


Get rental quotes early and realize you’ll probably need more items than you think. Don’t forget about the extra tables and chairs needed such as a buffet, cake table or a bar. “With rentals, just like the dollar store, small things add up,” says Lucas. “A place setting may only be $3, but with 200 guests, suddenly you’re at a minimum of $600 in rentals before any decorations.” That’s why she advises couples to make two lists: one is a “must have” and the other is a “want to have.”

Whether you are more traditional or looking to make a statement, let rentals transform your big day into the perfect setting you’ve always imagined!