Engagement Season is here! While many bloggers have great tips for the bride-to-be’s manicure for that perfect #ringselfie, we are here to help with the selection of the all-important engagement ring that will be sparkling up your family and friend’s social media feed. There are thousands of styles of engagement rings to choose from, and selecting a particular diamond and band style can be daunting. Never fear! Today we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 engagement ring trends of 2017 that are go-tos for the coming year. Start off the new year right with a gorgeous ring from our Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 list.

Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Antique | Arizona Weddings Magazine
1. Antique. This gorgeous trend never goes out of style! Perfect for the bride whose heart is set on past decades of glitz and glam, this style of ring is a statement piece which is sure to draw attention. An antique ring could be a family heirloom, a pawnshop find, or a new ring designed with past fashion in mind. Photo: Jane in the Woods

Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Barely There Halo | Arizona Weddings Magazine
2. Barely-there Halo. Within the halo ring trend, there are dozens of types that all fall within this realm of glittering stones encircling a center rock. With a barely-there halo, the diamonds surrounding the center stone are similar in color and arrangement to blend with the centerstone. This creates the illusion of a larger singular center stone. Photo: StepOnMe Photography

Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Cross Band | Arizona Weddings Magazine
3. Cross Band. Although it is an older style, cross bands are making a comeback this year. Many brides love the atypical band design, and find it more secure and comfortable than a singular band. Photo: Rachel Solomon Photography

Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Dropped Halo | Arizona Weddings Magazine
4. Dropped Halo. A relatively new design, the dropped halo is a fun twist on the regular halo ring. While from the top view it is practically indistinguishable from the normal halo design, a profile of the the ring will show off its unique features. Dropped halos look best when paired with princess, emerald, or pear-cut center stones. Photo: Jane in the Woods

Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Elegant Emerald | Arizona Weddings Magazine
5. Elegant Emerald. This year, dress up the emerald center stone with a sparkling halo or accent it with a thick diamond-encrusted band. Emerald cuts look absolutely stunning when placed in modern, dazzling settings that highlight its natural elegance. Photo: Ryan Nicole Photography 

Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Large Halo | Arizona Weddings Magazine
6. Large Halo. We are loving this look that’s reversing the traditional sense of a halo ring. Rather than accent the center stone with a delicate halo, this trend utilizes a large halo to add dimension and style to the ring. An overall engaging and visually stimulating look is produced, and the ring itself seems like artwork. Photo: Rachel Solomon Photography

Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Multiple Center Stones | Arizona Weddings Magazine
7. Multiple Center Stones. When accented by a halo, multiple center stones blend into one seamless, dazzling princess-cut diamond. Unless viewed up close, the center stones appear as one, creating a unique design that is stylishly subtle. The flow and unity of the multiple stones mimics the love and loyalty that is within you and your fiance’s relationship. Photo: Drew & Victoria Brashler

Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Rose Gold | Arizona Weddings Magazine
8. Rose Gold. Brides everywhere are raving about the soft look that a rose gold band produces. The princess-like feel it gives off brings joy to all who see it, and many women love the way the alternative shade looks with their skin tone. Photo: Ashley Rae Photography

Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Sweet Solitaire | Arizona Weddings Magazine
9. Sweet Solitaire. A bride can’t go wrong with a sweet solitaire ring! This simple design is created with more outgoing brides in mind, or for any woman who prefers class over glam. Solitaire is a timeless style that will never be out of focus in the bridal fashion world. Photo: Ryan Nicole Photography

Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends of 2017 - Traditional Halo | Arizona Weddings Magazine
10. Traditional Halo. Last but not least is the traditional halo look that has many brides enamored by its beautiful lines, flashy look, and delicate illusion of a larger center stone. Celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Sofia Vergara, Carrie Underwood, and Kate Middleton have favored this engagement ring style as they strut down the red carpets. Photo: Malone Sinclaire