Real Bride Guide: Saying Yes to the Dress | Arizona Weddings Magazine

The dress. Oh the dress!! Saying yes to the dress is what most brides have been dreaming about since they were little. While I have had similar dreams and always played dress up growing up, my tastes and styles have changed so much over the years that I was nervous to go dress shopping. Here are a few bits of advice to think about when going dress shopping.

Saying Yes to the Dress

1. Make an appointment. When making my initial appointment, I searched for a salon who carried designers I felt met my style, and what I wanted in a dress. While this isn’t a fool-proof method, this is a good place to start your search! Go to a couple salon’s websites and research their designers. Are you looking for a more traditional style? Bohemian? Over-the-top? You will start to get a feel of what style a salon leans to. Pick the one that best encompasses how you want to look and feel on your big day!

2. Bring a small group. I brought my mom and two sisters, which was more than enough. I had nightmare’s from watching too much “Say Yes to the Dress” that my family would be overly critical. Prior to the gown appointment, I sat them down and asked very nicely for them to be honest but not hurtful. It worked because at both of my appointments the consultant’s commented on how nice and well behaved my family was.

3. Have a few silhouettes in mind that you want to try, but also be open to different styles. I was 100% sure that I wanted a flowy, bohemian gown. Unfortunately this style ended up looking terrible on me. After my first appointment, I left feeling a little sad that this style didn’t work on my body and was ready to call it a day. Thankfully my family rallied, and we booked a last minute appointment at another salon. From there, I was able to try on even more styles that I initially didn’t consider.

4. Trust your consultant! Both of the consultants I worked with were AMAZING! They listened to my wants, price-point and style. From there, they also utilized their expertise and knowledge of their gown stock to select a variety of dresses for me to try on. The dress I bought was tvhe wildcard pick from my consultant!

5. It’s okay not to cry when you find the dress. I thought for sure I would cry, but the tears just didn’t come. Don’t think the dress isn’t “the one” because you didn’t become emotional. Also remember it is just a dress. As my second appointment was winding down, I started to panic that I was never going to find the dress. Nothing was feeling right, and I simply didn’t feel like a bride. I finally decided to just try and enjoy the process a little more and enjoy getting to share this experience with my family. Once the pressure of finding “the one” was off, I actually fell in love with the next gown I tried on.

6. Finally it is okay to have a little dress regret. The night after buying my dress, I started to panic that I only said yes because my whole family was there. I had already forgotten how beautiful I felt, and why I said yes to begin with. I love my dress, but it was nothing I ever imagined myself wearing. It is a complete 180 from the idea and image I came in with, and I struggled with that. In the end, I reminded myself that it is just a dress, and the whole reason I went through this process was to get to say yes to something so much better. I get to say yes to forever with my fiancé and start our life together as husband and wife.

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