Perfectly Polite: Modern Wedding Etiquette | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Wedding planning is never easy, but it can get exceptionally tricky when you’re tiptoeing around etiquette issues. These days nearly every wedding situation has some level of worry. You don’t want to hurt others’ feelings but it’s your special day, right?

From debating about who to include on the guest list to stressing about social media shares and worrying about asking for gifts, it’s often not easy to feel like you’re being polite. Follow these modern wedding etiquette guidelines to navigate the some times tricky wedding planning waters!

Modern Wedding Etiquette

Perfectly Polite: Modern Wedding Etiquette | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Social media may be a huge part of your life but that doesn’t mean you need to Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram every wedding detail. Still, you don’t have to keep your wedding plans silent on social media, even if many of your “friends” and “followers” aren’t invited to your big day.

Guests and non-guests will likely “like” your photos and wedding plans but be aware that not everyone will be as excited as you are, which is 100% okay. Remember at the end of the day, it is your wedding day. You are allowed to be excited and share what you feel is right!

The guest list is typically a touchy subject. Budget and space constraints make it tough to invite everyone you want to share in your celebration.

What happens when you have to leave good friends off the list? If you can’t afford to invite everyone you’d like to include, call the uninvited person and politely explain you’d love to have them at the wedding but you’re on a budget.

Most couples register for gifts but often what they really want is cash. Is asking for money rude? It can come across that way, but there are other ways to encourage guests to contribute monetarily.

Tell your guests what you’re saving for, such as, “While no gifts are required, we’d be honored to receive a cash gift to help us furnish our new home.” In recent years, many couples would rather guests contribute to an experience rather than a gift such as a honeymoon fund.

Perfectly Polite: Modern Wedding Etiquette | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Writing and mailing thank you notes might feel tiresome and old fashioned, but it’s still the right thing to do. Forget verbal thanks, text messages and social media posts. The formal way is here to stay.

A handwritten and personalized wedding thank you note tells your guest how much you appreciated their thoughtful gift. At a time when most mail is junk mail, it’s refreshing to get a personal note.

While it’s not always easy, it is possible to be polite and gracious in difficult situations. You can still have your wedding, your way but it requires some patience and lots of thought.

When in doubt about whether a wedding decision could hurt someone’s feelings, try to use good judgment and ask trusted advisors like a wedding planner for advice on what’s best.

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