Food Trucks at Weddings – One of Arizona’s Hottest New Catering Trends
Written by Manali Chavan


The wedding ceremony has come to an end. Guests are filing out behind the bride and groom, eager to head into the reception area. As people enter in, still awe struck from the beautiful ceremony, they scan the reception area only to see a food truck waiting to serve up a delicious and fresh dinner. Disputing all the myths that come with food trucks, Food Truck Caravan has redefined what it means to run a food truck at a private event.

“First of all, having to have multiple trucks to feed large groups of people, is definitely just a myth,” Food Truck Caravan owner, Lori Baker says. “It doesn’t really work that well to have multiple trucks so we’ve refined it.”

Food Truck Caravan arranges for a single truck to deliver every type of food from appetizers, to the main entrée, to dessert. As guests file into the reception area, Baker gives couples the option to arrange action stations, which provides appetizers during cocktail hour. Guests are then invited to place orders for their entrées directly on the truck.

“We usually have the guests order their entrée off the truck so they get that whole food truck experience, the conviviality of being around the truck and all the excitement that that brings,” Baker shares.

Baker works with couples ahead of time to arrange for a custom menu, aiming to create a menu that showcases both the bride and groom.

“We always ask them about their favorite food,” Baker says. “When they are dating they are always going out to eat. We ask what restaurants do they like, what’s their favorite food?”

Baker will then work with chef driven food trucks to create gourmet food. Tom D’Ambrosio of Aioli’s Gourmet Burgers has worked multiple weddings where they transformed their truck into a one-stop shop.

“What I love about food trucks is we cook everything fresh on the food trucks, where as with a traditional caterer it sits in a hotbox for 5 or 6 hours,” D’Ambrosio says. “It’s fresh, you can see the chef preparing the food right in front of you.”

Along with the freshness of a food truck D’Ambrosio is skilled in a fast turn around for food orders. He is able to serve up a burger in three to five minutes. Although Aioli’s may specialize in burgers, they are able to provide a wide range of food items depending on what the couple is interested in.


Specialty food trucks also enjoy working private events such as weddings. Trucks, such as Hot Cookie will change around various aspects of their service to provide a more elegant experience.“Weddings are actually one of our favorite events because we have an entirely different uniform,” Hot Cookie owner Hunter Banks says. “It’s a chef coat with the logo on it and then we decorate the truck with lights and big fancy balloons.”

Food Truck vendors particularly enjoy working at weddings as it allows guests to see a more personal side of the couple.

“I think (a food truck) is a great addition because you put your own individual spin on it,” Frites St. owner Phillip Isard shares. “It also gets more people involved.”
Frites St. specializes in traditional Belgium style pomme frites, which are thick double, twice fried French fires with scratch made sauces and toppings. Isard recently started booking wedding events and enjoys getting to be a part of couples’ special day.

“It’s a lot of fun because the clientele is ready for a good time and the food is half the fun for an event,” Isard says.

Food aside, Baker also works to create an elegant space to accompany the food trucks.

“Everything’s decorated with flowers and linens and upgraded disposables,” Baker says. “It’s a much finer experience.”

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