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With all of the different climates Arizona has to offer, make your way down south for a sun-kissed paradise. Experience show stopping views, invigorating history, culture and nightlife that will collaborate together to create the perfect recipe for your big day. Start your wedding planning with these Southern Arizona Wedding Venues. From desert settings to lush country clubs, there is a venue for every bride!

Our favorite Southern Arizona Wedding Venues:

Tucson: Hidden Treasures, Historic Downtown Culture and Exploration.
When many Arizonan’s think of Tucson, they most often think of their Wildcat days at the University of Arizona. What many don’t know is that Tucson is full hidden treasures in its flawless scenic surroundings. The colorful desert of Tucson is less than 200 miles south of the Valley. Step outdoors and explore the widely renowned Sabino Canyon, lush with desert landscape brush and token saguaro cacti.

For an incredibly unique and exciting experience, host your wedding at the Pima Air & Space Museum. You can take your own “Sentimental Journey” under an aptly named B-29 combat glider. Then, bust some moves on the dance floor under the glow of a custom lit hangar.

Outdoors looking toward the mountains or indoors with romantic décor, Tucson, Ariz. offers pristine conditions for a wedding anytime of the year. Being less than two hours south of Central Phoenix, it acts as a “home away from home” getaway for couples seeking a destination wedding with a short travel time.

Pima Air & Space Museum

Luxe Locations: The Best Southern Arizona Wedding Venues | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Photo: Pure in Art

Mt. Lemmon

Santa Cruz County: Small Town Charm, Rich History and Vibrant Culture.
Located along Arizona’s southern border, Santa Cruz County is filled with bustling small towns full of unique shops and services. Explore Nogales, Ariz. then cross the border into Mexico for more sightseeing and shopping in Nogales, Sonora.