In the midst of Arizona’s natural greenery and stunning landscapes, some color palettes can get lost in the mix. Pink is a color that stands out, while complementing the natural landscape – and the blush on your cheeks. This soft rose-colored palette is perfect right around springtime, because it is reminiscent of blooming flowers. Celebrate the blossoming of your love, with peach and pink tones that compliment any other color they are paired with. Include the color as it naturally grows, in florals that stand out perfectly in your bridal bouquet or pinned to the groom’s lapel. Your bridesmaids will love the color choice for its versatile beauty in many different dress styles. You can even play up the color in fun accessories for your bridesmaids or as a sash on your wedding gown.

The soft color works well with other statement colors, such as metallic golds or silvers, for an eye-catching color palette. This works perfectly for designing your reception tables and centerpieces with small but striking details. White is the ideal complement to this blush-colored palette for a feeling of freshness. Although this color palette is not always bold, you’ll stand out on your big day as an unparalleled blushing beauty with all eyes on you.

Hues to Use: Blushing Bride

Hues to Use: Blushing Bride | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Tabletop Rentals: The Confetti Studio | Photo: Ashley Rae Photography

Hues to Use: Blushing Bride | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Photo: Monique Hessler Weddings