I have a confession.

This past year, I became addicted to TLC’s Four Weddings.

I mean . . . the show is a stroke of genius: pitting four brides, and their weddings, against each other in a competition to win a dream honey moon.

Every Friday afternoon, my roommates and I would flop ourselves on our couches, turn on TLC, and spend the next 60 minutes guessing scores and dissecting each wedding. Inevitably, before we could even reach for the remote, the next episode of Four Weddings would start and we would be invested in four more brides and their weddings. This would continue for the rest of the afternoon as we caught up on the whole season as it played marathon-style. Re-watching previously viewed episodes was never an issue, more because of the fact that it was just that interesting and intriguing.

You can now understand my excitement when I got the chance to interview Amber, a bride from Chandler, who will be contestant in the brand new season of Four Weddings, the first season to feature weddings in Arizona, premiering on July 19th.

AW: Okay, so tell me about your big day!

Amber: We got married at a church in Scottsdale that my parents got married in. It was really important to me to keep that tradition alive. Then the reception was at Noah’s in Chandler. We tried to keep everything simple because it was a smaller wedding, about 140 people, and I did everything, including making the centerpieces, etc. So I really wanted to keep it simple and clean. Noah’s was great and allowed me to bring everything in myself.

AW: What motivated you to apply for the show? Did you let your husband know before you did it?

Amber: I obviously loved the show before, but then I saw the advertisement online to apply and I thought it would be fun. My husband was very excited about it! He is originally from Oregon so a lot of his family wasn’t able to come down for the wedding. This seemed like the perfect way to share it with them.

AW: So you and your family are excited to have the show as a way to remember your big day?

Amber: Yes! Absolutely!

AW: What was your guests’ reaction to the film crew? Did you warn any of them?

Amber: I told my family, but not everyone. Their reaction wasn’t too big of a deal. Some of them were excited to be on TV and others were a bit shocked at first but then got used to [the cameras].

AW: Okay, let’s get down to business: the scoring method. What did you think about it? Do you think it covered all of the aspects of a wedding?

Amber: I thought that the Overall Experience category was the best one because it just boiled down to “How much fun did you have?” The other categories (food, dress, venue, etc.) were more a matter of taste. But the experience category really got down to the point of a wedding and was really representative of the wedding itself.

AW: Can we gossip for a minute? Did you get along with the other brides?

Amber: [The other brides] were all great sports and we actually all had a great time together. We had a lot of fun together ad really got to know each other. It was nice to connect with other women around the same age or place in their lives and planning a wedding too. Plus, we got to bounce ideas off one another! We actually still keep in touch and having been emailing a little bit. It was great to share this experience with other people too.

AW: Was it uncomfortable attending the wedding of three near-strangers? Could you relax and enjoy yourself or was the scorecard always in the back of your mind?

Amber: At first it was interesting, but then it was fun after getting to know the other brides. It didn’t lead straight to criticism just because it was a competition because we were able to understand the other brides’ tastes and why they would pick something. Since we became friends, the scorecard was pretty easy to forget and just to be happy for the bride, but of course, we all knew it was a competition.

AW: Were you tempted to change anything about your wedding after seeing the other ones?

Amber: I was actually the first wedding, so I had no expectations. But, when I went to the other weddings, I did notice a couple of things from my wedding that the other brides picked up on.

AW: Let’s talk strategy. What was the conversation like between you and your husband about winning that dream honeymoon?

Amber: We are our own worst critics so after the wedding, my husband and I were kind of like “we should have done this differently” or “what if we had included this?” But in the end, it was our perfect day. It will be interesting to see it on TV though. But every time I would come home from the other weddings, my husband’s first question was always, “How do we stack up?”

AW: Okay, the night it airs. Do you watch it in a big group of people or just at home with your husband to remember your big day?

Amber: I think that the first time we will just watch it with our family. But I am definitely going to record it so that I can watch it with my friends later.

AW: So you enjoyed the experience?

Amber: Yes!  It wasn’t what I thought. There is a lot more that goes into making a TV show than I realized. But it was so much fun and I really enjoyed doing it. Plus, I made friends in the process!


Tune in tonight (Thursday, August 16) at 9/8c to see Amber on TLC’s Four Weddings!

Images courtesy TLC.