A wise person once told me that the key to losing weight is 20% exercise and 80% what you eat. So basically, if you eat chicken fingers, fries and a milkshake every day, there’s almost no amount of exercise that’s going to help you lose weight. Maybe you’ll maintain, but the key is controlling your food intake. That said, controlling what you eat can be a bit of a cravings battle. How do you fight it successfully? (I just ate a piece of leftover Valentine’s day chocolate and feel guilty about it.. .okay, it was 2 pieces, I felt I needed to confess.)

So, I’ve never been one who can consistently eat chicken and vegetables for every meal, or drink 3 healthy shakes a day, or even do the lemon-syrup-pepper cleanse. I need food and I need REAL food. None of this wimpy egg white scramble for breakfast and rabbit food salad for lunch and dinner. I want tasty, delicious, healthy food.  I’m also a working girl (not that kind!) who is constantly on the run as a real estate agent. It’s hard to plan meals and make time to cook all your own food so you know what you’re eating.  What do you do?

About a year ago My Fit Foods opened near my office. It’s a fantastic healthy food store where they cook pre-packaged, calorie counted, mostly gluten-free meals. Their plan is for customers to eat 5 small meals a day that are all balanced, nutritional and with low glycemic index carbohydrates, healthy oils and lean proteins. This eating pattern helps speed up metabolism, increase energy and prevent the storage of fat. (SOUNDS GOOD DOESN’T IT?!)   You’re eating more carbohydrate-oriented food earlier in the day, and basically a carbohydrate-free dinner. The food is fresh and REAL TASTING food.

I’ve been eating their food for about a year. Whenever I feel like I’ve been bad, I’ll go on a 21-day food challenge where I eat only My Fit Foods, 5 times a day, for 21 days.  Typically I lose 5-10 pounds during that timeframe, and feel more energized.


Flash back to when I started my “get fit for the wedding” plan – I knew I needed to restart my system. I remembered this from the My Fit Foods website:
“Experts agree that it takes 21 days to form a healthy habit. With commitment to the 21-Day Challenge, you will receive a complimentary education and meal planning session. Your Nutrition Coach will teach you the secrets of our program, including the best times to eat and how to optimize your metabolism. You will discuss your goals, your food likes and dislikes, and your personal schedule. We take it from there – you simply pick up your fresh food twice per week. It’s like having your own nutritionist and private chef! You will find that this truly is the easy button!” Easy button? DONE. In the first 3 weeks of my weight loss plan I lost 6 lbs. I took a break because I wanted to see if I could cook and order food on my own and still lose weight. NOT SO EASY. I’m now back on the You Can’t Fake Fit 21 day challenge that I started February 16. The goal is to lose another 5-7 lbs.


So here are my tips if you’re going to try a 21 Day Challenge at My Fit Foods.

  • Be honest with the nutritionist about what you like and don’t like. They will customize your food selections to your taste and preferences.
  • Don’t cheat. If you’re going to commit, fully commit. If you’re engaged, you’ve already got commitment on the mind, so it shouldn’t be hard.
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week. This will help boost your energy and burn off some extra calories.
  • Drink their “cocktail”. It’s 4 ounces of straight cranberry juice (no sugar, preservatives, just crushed cranberries the way nature made them), 1/2 lemon juiced, 1 tablespoon unfiltered apple cider vinegar and 1 ounce of My Fit B-12 (try the blueberry). I sweeten it by adding a dropper full of Sweetleaf Lemon Drop liquid stevia (it cuts the vinegar burn). Don’t try this thinking you’re having a cosmopolitan on the set of Sex and the City. It’s far from that. If this cocktail doesn’t get your digestive system going, then you really have problems!

A lot of my friends ask me what’s good there? I’ll break down my favorites:


– Good Morning Sunshine: World’s best breakfast food in my opinion. It’s spicy, has pico de gallo salsa, eggs, cheese and taco seasoned turkey. I could eat it every single day.
– Kale and Links: I’m not a heavy breakfast eater, and the kale and links breakfast is light but very nutritious. For some reason, I feel really healthy when I eat kale.
– Oat Bake: This is basically dessert. It’s amazing with fresh fruit, coconut, oatmeal, and a little brown sugar (or some healthy substitute that tastes the same).

– Gimme More Chicken Wrap: I don’t like wet mayonnaise chicken salads. It’s just gross. This is a dry chicken salad wrap sandwich with dried fruits and other goodies inside. It’s really filling and delicious.
– Turkey Pasta: Basically spaghetti Bolognese without the guilt. The pasta is rice pasta – yay, gluten free! The sauce is thicker and more heavy on the tomatoes. It’s a little spicy too which I like.
– Enchiladas: What kind of Arizonan would I be, if I didn’t like enchiladas! The sauce is a little tangy and I like the black beans and pico on the side.

– Fit Nugget Nation: I feel so naughty when I eat these! Don’t think of pink slime people, these are delicious chicken breast cutlets “breaded” with almond flower and baked. Add a little honey Dijon mustard dipping sauce and some veggies on the side.
– Denyse’s Killuh Chili: Another guilty pleasure. It’s really healthy, a little spicy and totally amazing. I really like this when I want a lighter meal. Somehow I don’t feel like I over ate with this one.
– Best’o Pesto Chicken: The pesto dipping sauce is really not too garlicky but definitely full flavored. The shredded zucchini disguises itself well as pasta.

– Hummus Bowl: Who doesn’t love hummus? It’s nice that it’s portioned out with some chicken and healthy vegetables
– Picnic Time: This is my favorite snack. It’s basically cheese, crackers, grapes and nuts without the wine. Would be better with wine, but we’re on a diet!
– White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie – I never met a cookie I didn’t like. I really like this one because it’s healthy with green tea, protein and chocolate
– Trail Mix: This delicious take on trail mix has carob chocolate chips. The cookies and trail mix snacks are really great for traveling.

So that wraps it up for this week’s blog on food. Now I’m hungry, but it’s time to snack on my Hummus Bowl!  If you need focus or to jumpstart your weight loss program, I cannot emphasize how important it is to eat the right foods. My Fit Foods makes it really easy for you to do that! Try it!

Fitness tip of the week, brought to you by Matt Kafora, studio manager of
Orangetheory Fitness Dana Park.

Question: What are some good fat burning foods? When should I eat them to get max results?

Studies suggest cinnamon may have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar levels. This could curtail appetite, particularly in people with type 2 diabetes. Stir some into your coffee, tea, or yogurt to add sweetness without adding calories.

Green Tea
Several studies suggest green tea may promote weight loss by stimulating the body to burn abdominal fat. Green tea contains catechins, a type of phytochemical that may briefly affect the metabolism. To get the most benefit, you may need to drink green tea several times a day.
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