The Dapper Groom: Part 2 | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Menswear: Magro Clothing | Photo: Steph Wahlig

Welcome back to part 2 of our series The Dapper Groom! The top experts from Celebrity Tux & Tails and Magro Clothing are sharing their tips and recommendations to make sure your groom looks dashing on your big day! Be sure to check out part 1 here!

The Dapper Groom

What are some pitfalls to avoid when picking out a suit or tuxedo?
Be mindful of the materials! Tropical weight wools can be too warm to be worn comfortably in the Arizona desert, while poly-viscose blends are incredibly weak and won’t hold up well long-term. “Pay attention to the fabric of the suit or tuxedo, especially if you’re purchasing your attire instead of renting,” advises Felicia of Celebrity Tux & Tails.

What are your tips for finding the perfect fit?
Don’t be afraid of alterations. Skyler, from Magro Clothing, notes that rental suit sizes are based on chest measurement. “If the chest measurement goes up, so does the the arm and jacket length, as well as shoulder and waist measurements,” adds Skyler. Felicia advises to get measured by a professional menswear specialist. “If you, or the specialist, is concerned about how the attire may fit, it might be worth purchasing your outfit so you can individually tailor it,” notes Felicia.

What are the benefits of renting a suit/tuxedo?
Felicia points out that one of the best advantages to renting a suit is the all-inclusive pricing. “You can get a high-quality outfit like a Michael Kors wedding suit or Ike Behar tuxedo for less than the cost of buying just the jacket and pants of a custom 100% wool suit.” Felicia adds that will often allow couples the freedom to choose a style that more perfectly fits their wedding theme.

The Dapper Groom: Part 2 | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Menswear: Magro Clothing | Photo: Malone Sinclaire

What are the benefits of buying a custom suit?
“A custom suit is made exactly to the measurements of your body,” notes Skyler. “The degree to which your shoulder slopes, your posture, your beer belly or muscular chest are all taken into consideration for you.” Additionally, the details can all be picked out specifically to the groom’s choosing. It all boils down to what you are most comfortable with, and which option helps you better attain that perfect debonair wedding day look.

The Dapper Groom: Part 2 | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Menswear: Magro Clothing | Photo: Steph Wahlig