The Dapper Groom: Part 1 | Arizona Weddings Magazine
Menswear: Magro | Photo: Steph Wahlig

Despite all the ladies having a big to-do about the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses, one aspect that should not be overlooked is the men’s attire. The groom and his groomsmen have hundreds of options when it comes to deciding what to wear on the big day. Suit or tuxedo? Classic black or starling blue? These options can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you have no experience in the formal wear world. That’s why we turned to the top experts from Celebrity Tux & Tails and Magro to get their tips and recommendations on how to look dashing on your wedding day! Be sure to check back for part 2 next month!

The Dapper Groom

The Dapper Groom: Part 1 | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Menswear: Magro | Photo: Ashley Rae Photography

A suit or a tuxedo – which would you recommend for a wedding & why?
“Either one is a great option for your wedding,” says Felicia Kessler from Celebrity Tux & Tails. Which one you choose depends on the theme or feel of your wedding. Felicia also advises, “If you wear a suit everyday for work, a tuxedo is a great way to distinguish you on your special day.”

What are the different components of a suit?
Typically, suits are comprised of a jacket and pants; however, vests can be an optional third piece to add depth to the look. “These items can be arranged and customized in any number of ways to make the outfit personal and unique to the person who wears it,” says Felicia.

The Dapper Groom: Part 1 | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Menswear: Magro | Photo: Malone Sinclaire

What are your tips for grooms when picking out their suit or tuxedo?
While there are many components to consider when choosing formal wear, Skyler Gardner from Magro Clothing says that his number one tip to picking out the perfect suit or tuxedo is to educate yourself. “Learn for yourself what a properly fitted suit looks like,” he recommends. The more you know about what you’d like to wear on your wedding day, the better your stylists can help you.

Which suit/tuxedo colors & styles would you recommend for a wedding?
The color and style of your outfit depends on the mood of your wedding. The classic choices are black, grey and blue. If you go that route, Skyler suggests, “Find a nice windowpane or plaid, or go with a herringbone or birdseye fabric.” This will help liven up the look. Skyler also suggests borrowing a trend from the bridesmaids and going with similar yet different suits within the same color palette or design for your groomsmen.