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Real Arizona Weddings

Industrial Farmhouse Wedding with Steph Wahlig

Vanessa | April 25, 2018

Every wedding is a celebration of a union of two people – sometimes very different people. Alexis and Levi merged their different styles for their gorgeous Fall farmhouse wedding captured by Steph Wahlig. The couple met only five months before they got engaged while Alexis was working at a coffee [...]

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Springtime Wedding at SoHo63

Vanessa | April 18, 2018

We are obsessed with this relaxed springtime wedding at SoHo63. Kristin and Scott met at a party through a mutual friend in early 2010 and got engaged almost exactly six years later. Kristin came home after a lunch date and was surprised to see Scott waiting for her in the [...]

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Vibrant Arizona Wedding with StepOnMe Photography

Vanessa | April 11, 2018

The heartwarming celebration of Lorissa and Nick’s love is the culmination of a not so traditional love story. The couple met in a way that some may consider a new kind of traditional – through an online dating site. After chatting for a bit, they met up at Dave & [...]

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Southwest Inspired Tucson Wedding with Alexis Grace Florals

Vanessa | April 4, 2018

The long awaited union between this sweet couple started off with talks of marriage early on. The couple met when Chris escorted Sarah through the DM Air Force Base for her first day as a lifeguard at the base. While waiting for her paperwork to be processed, the pair sat [...]

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Ethereal Country Club Wedding with Steph Wahlig

Vanessa | March 28, 2018

Elaine and Andrew’s relaxed country club wedding shot by Steph Wahlig was an effortless vision. The couple first met in college when Andrew thought Elaine’s twin sister was cute. Since she had a boyfriend at the time, a mutual friend told Andrew about Elaine. Andrew and Elaine hit it off [...]

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Summer Wedding at SoHo63

Vanessa | March 22, 2018

When you are certain you have found the one, there is no reason to wait before joining your lives together. Such was the case for Madison and Corey, local paramedics who worked together for months before officially meeting through a mutual friend. The couple fell for each other and in [...]

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Romantic Garden Wedding at The Landmark

Vanessa | March 19, 2018

Timing determines everything in life and is what brought this sweet couple together. Mallory and Jordan grew up less than a mile from each other and had various mutual friends before meeting one night at a bowling alley, where they automatically connected. On an annual summer trip to Michigan for [...]

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Elegant Country Club Wedding with Love Story Films

Vanessa | March 15, 2018

Looking at the extraordinary love between Alexa and Aaron, you would never easily guess that the couple used to be strictly “just friends.” Having met in fall of 2011 while they were both in relationships, the couple maintained a friendship amidst breakups for each of them. Although the couple had [...]

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Forest Flagstaff Wedding with StepOnMe Photography

Vanessa | March 12, 2018

Emily and Samuel’s intimate forest Flagstaff wedding captured by StepOnMe Photography is simply breathtaking! Every bride dreams about having the perfect union with their husband to be backed by the support of their family and friends. The couple received support and then some from both of their families who were [...]

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Fanciful Forest Wedding with Jane in the Woods

Vanessa | March 8, 2018

We are loving this fanciful forest wedding at the Creekside Inn in Sedona. Razelle and Kevin’s overflowing joy is clear in the images shot by Jane in the Woods in the stunning forest. Razelle and Kevin met in fall of 2014 when Razelle was a pharmacy volunteer and Kevin was [...]

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