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Bridal Trends: Off the Shoulder Gowns

Vanessa | November 3, 2017

Mia Solano - Luv Bridal | Photo: Ashley Rae Photography We love mixing sweet details with sassy design, and with off the shoulder gowns, you get the best of both! This versatile trend comes in many forms, which makes it the perfect statement dress no matter the theme [...]

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Fall 2018 Bridal Fashion Trends

Vanessa | October 20, 2017

With Fall 2018 Bridal Fashion Week wrapping up in New York City last week, we are loving all the emerging trends from our favorite designers. From full satin skirts reminiscent of Kate Middleton to intricate bead work taking us back to ancient Greece, there is a style for every bride [...]

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Bridal Trend: Sleeveless Gowns

Vanessa | October 13, 2017

Arizona is not known for being a cold state, and brides tend to be quite wary of that detail and factor it in accordingly to their wedding plans. Unless a couple opts to marry somewhere in Northern Arizona, it is not likely that the thermometer will read below the 60s. [...]

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Bridal Trend: Velvet Gowns

Vanessa | October 6, 2017

Today we are in love with velvet and wearing velvet on the big day. As we all know, the 90’s are currently making a come back. With the chokers, high-waisted shorts, chic flannel shirts, and our personal favorite, the appearance of velvet on the bridal fashion show runways. From full [...]

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Bridal Trends: Long Sleeved Wedding Gowns

Vanessa | September 29, 2017

Gown: Allure Bridals - A Closet Full of Dresses | Photo: Ben & Kelly Photography | Hair: Rolfs Salon | Makeup: Beauty by Alicia A rich blending of the traditional flair and a modern muse can form incredible trends for example, long sleeved wedding gowns. This stylish trend [...]

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Bridal Fashion: Lovely Lace

Vanessa | September 1, 2017

Allure Bridals - A Closet Full of Dresses | Photo: Ben & Kelly Photography There are some trends that just never go out of style. These classic looks are forever embroidered into the weave of beauty within the fashion world and are easily recognizable. Celebrities know these trends [...]

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Bridal Fashion: Boho Dresses

Vanessa | August 18, 2017

While glamorous, upscale events are all the rage, there is something extra special to be said about delicate, down-to-earth weddings that we just can’t get enough of. Simplistic touches and natural beauty comes together to create an easy-going vibe that can be fostered in nearly any type of terrain. This [...]

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Bridal Fashion: Convertible Gowns

Vanessa | August 11, 2017

When wedding dress shopping, so many brides come up to the dilemma where they are caught between two wedding dresses. Perhaps it’s the fitted dress where she feels sexy and modern versus the ballgown where she feels sweet and traditional. Maybe she’s caught between wanting a long train for beautiful [...]

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Bridal Trends: Headpieces

Vanessa | August 4, 2017

In the upcoming months, we are about to be experiencing so many fun looks from our 2017 brides, one of our favorites being wedding day hair pieces. In addition to my work here at Arizona Weddings Magazine, I am also a bridal consultant and I spend many hours creating real [...]

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Bridal Fashion: Textured Wedding Gowns

Vanessa | July 28, 2017

This week we are absolutely loving textured wedding gowns and their big move from bridal fashion shows to real Arizona weddings. Being a very couture style, sometimes runway dresses don’t always make to the closets of actual brides, but today we are pleased and excited to show just how these [...]

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