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Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday: Long Wedding Gown Trains

Vanessa | April 14, 2017

Nothing exudes royal elegance more than a flowing, long wedding gown train! We love this timeless, classic look that never goes out of style. To get that “WOW” factor as you make your grand entrance and float down the aisle, a glorious train of fabric and lace sails out from [...]

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Fashion Friday: Peach Wedding Gowns

Vanessa | April 7, 2017

Colored dresses are all the rage this year! From bright blushes to hues of blue, color is making a comeback in wedding dresses. Brides are becoming bolder and embracing their personality when it comes to walking down the aisle in style. One of the most creative ways to accomplish that [...]

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Fashion Friday: Wedding Veils

Vanessa | March 31, 2017

Very few things are more “bridal” than a bright, joyful woman wearing a flowy white veil. Veils are the traditional dazzling accessory to the iconic white dress and symbolize love, purity, and allure. Veils were very popular to wear in the early 20th century, but have since seen a decline [...]

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Fashion Friday: Beaded Back Gowns

Vanessa | March 24, 2017

Antique beading is no longer something you’ll only find on your grandmother’s dress. This accent started a fashion revival that is taking the bridal world by storm. Designers are favoring a cue from the glam and pizzazz of the 20’s to utilize beading in such a way that gives the [...]

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In the Garden Bridal Fashion with Rachel Solomon Photography

Vanessa | March 10, 2017

In The Garden Bridal Fashion Lush textures, layer of chiffon and lace gowns from Schaffer’s Bridal are beautiful amidst the vibrant green gardens of The Wright House Garden Reception Centre. Rachel Solomon Photography captured all the dreamy moments styled by Tie the Knot by Tessa. Earthy bohemian blooms from Butterfly [...]

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Fashion Friday: Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

Vanessa | January 20, 2017

Something we’re seeing in recent bridal party photos is the uprise of neutral bridesmaid dresses. We love this trend because of its versatility and functionality. Neutral bridesmaid dresses aren’t necessarily one specific color, but more like a soft tone that flawlessly complements a woman’s natural skin tone. Your maids can [...]

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Fashion Friday: Wedding Gowns with Illusion Necklines

Vanessa | January 13, 2017

One exciting trend that is popping up in many designer’s 2017 collections is the illusion neckline. Illusion necklines are a gorgeous addition to many wedding dresses, and add an element of sexy without showing too much skin. This is a perfect option for a bride who wants to incorporate a [...]

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Fashion Friday: Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Vanessa | December 23, 2016

If you want a perfect go-to dress for your bridesmaids that will flatter every size and shade, we recommend going with the latest trend in the wedding industry: the LBD. Little Black Dresses are a classy approach to styling your bridesmaids for a more elegant affair. Using black bridesmaid dresses [...]

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Fashion Friday: Wedding Gowns with Bandeau Straps

Vanessa | December 16, 2016

This Friday we are showcasing a rising trend that has been given a rebirth in the form of bridal wear. Oftentimes in the fashion world, a specific trend will exist in a particular style without changing for many years. All it takes is one creative mind to try something new, [...]

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Fashion Friday: Bridesmaid Dresses Trends

Vanessa | December 9, 2016

Wedding dresses aren’t the only gowns that are receiving a fashion-forward change. Think about it: you’re standing at the altar ready to say “I do,” and glance at your bride squad. These women have had your back through thick and thin. It’s only fitting that your bridesmaids look as modern [...]

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