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Fashion Friday

Bridal Fashion: Lovely Lace

Vanessa | September 1, 2017

Allure Bridals - A Closet Full of Dresses | Photo: Ben & Kelly Photography There are some trends that just never go out of style. These classic looks are forever embroidered into the weave of beauty within the fashion world and are easily recognizable. Celebrities know these trends [...]

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Bridal Fashion: Boho Dresses

Vanessa | August 18, 2017

While glamorous, upscale events are all the rage, there is something extra special to be said about delicate, down-to-earth weddings that we just can’t get enough of. Simplistic touches and natural beauty comes together to create an easy-going vibe that can be fostered in nearly any type of terrain. This [...]

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Bridal Fashion: Convertible Gowns

Vanessa | August 11, 2017

When wedding dress shopping, so many brides come up to the dilemma where they are caught between two wedding dresses. Perhaps it’s the fitted dress where she feels sexy and modern versus the ballgown where she feels sweet and traditional. Maybe she’s caught between wanting a long train for beautiful [...]

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Bridal Fashion: Textured Wedding Gowns

Vanessa | July 28, 2017

This week we are absolutely loving textured wedding gowns and their big move from bridal fashion shows to real Arizona weddings. Being a very couture style, sometimes runway dresses don’t always make to the closets of actual brides, but today we are pleased and excited to show just how these [...]

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Bridal Fashion: Ballerina Gowns

Vanessa | July 21, 2017

As artists, designers are going to pull their inspiration from elements all around them, one of them being the theater, and more specifically, the ballet. The ballet, being so timeless, feminine and filled with sparkly and soft costumes is an obvious form of inspiration for bridal fashion and our designers [...]

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Bridal Fashion: Sheath Dresses

Vanessa | July 14, 2017

One of the most versatile gown styles is a relatively modernized look called the sheath dress. The unique aspect about sheath dresses - and what makes them so popular among brides - is that they look good on any body shape. Whether a bride is apple, pear, or hourglass shaped- [...]

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Bridal Trends: Gray Gowns

Vanessa | July 7, 2017

  As 2017 brides get bolder and more fashion forward with their wedding dresses, we are seeing more and more color coming from our designers. More deep ivory, blush, champagne, alabaster, and even gray! As unconventional as it sounds, gray tones are making their debut on the bridal fashion runways, [...]

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Bridal Trends: Getting Ready Attire

Vanessa | June 30, 2017

Before you slip into your dream dress on your big day, many brides love to get ready in style. Whether you’re wearing your favorite PJ’s or a glamorous silk robe, every bride wants to feel their best and look their best for those getting ready photos. There are many trends filling [...]

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Bridal Trends: Playful Patterns

Vanessa | June 23, 2017

One of the things we love most about brides saying yes to their perfect dress, is that in doing so, they express their individuality and creative freedom. That’s why we adore the idea of using playful patterns in wedding dresses! The variety and uniqueness of patterns provides a limitless array [...]

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Fashion Friday: Unique Wedding Shoes

Vanessa | May 12, 2017

The wedding day ensemble is one of the most special outfits that a woman will wear in her life. From the veil to the dress, all the way down to the shoes, which is where many 2017 brides are adding a bit of spunk and flair. Today’s brides are all [...]

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