At this point you’ve all heard the radio commercials….it’s BRIDAL SHOW TIME!!!!  Bridal shows can be an overwhelming experience, with over 200 vendors offering amazing deals, hundreds of bustling brides trying to find their perfect_______(fill in the blank), the overstimulent of gorgeous floral, tulle, gowns and all things pretty-You may start to ask yourself  “what did I sign up for?!” Have no fear, we are here to help! Below we have listed some tips that will ensure a successful bridal show experience. With some pre-bridal show preparation & planning, you will leave feeling accomplished and off to a positive start (or finish) in planning for your dream wedding.

Photography: Ben & Kelly Photography

Here are some of my BRIDAL SHOW TIPS:

• Register before the show-You will save lots of wait time!

• Get organized. Make a list of vendors you still need for your wedding, upon arrival visit those vendors first!

• Ask questions. The bridal show vendors are there to help you & they are experts in their respective fields! Jot down any tips or price quotes they offer you.

• Get a group of friends/family together to go with you. I find the bridal shows are so much more    fun when shared with the ones you love!

• Make labels (don’t forget to include your name, address, wedding date and email)

• Get a good night rest before each show–you will need it to make it through the day!

• Wear comfortable shoes!!! I have seen so many brides show up to each show looking adorable in their high heels and about 20 minutes later, they are limping out of   the show. So, please wear comfortable shoes!! This will save your feet and give you more time to enjoy the show and its vendors.

• Don’t forget to stop by and see the Arizona Weddings booth too–you’ll receive a FREE copy of Arizona Weddings Magazine!

Photography: Ben & Kelly Photography