Bridal Beauty Brief: The Perfect Eyebrow | Arizona Weddings Magazine
Today we are kicking off a new series on the blog, the Bridal Beauty Brief! Arizona Weddings Magazine’s best beauty professionals will be sharing their tips, tricks and trends for your wedding day. Today Vanessa from Makiaj Beauty is sharing her tips on how to achieve the perfect eyebrow for your big day!

Do you remember the good old days when your parents finally let you wax or tweeze for the first time? If you tweezed on your own the end results may have been a little on the scarier side, right? I know it was a little scary on my end, over tweezed and most importantly they were not sisters anymore! Brows have evolved over the years and I think it is safe to say that natural brows are in again. Thank gosh!

What is the perfect eyebrow? A good brow consists of a starting point and ending point, nice and full and last but not least consistency between both brows! Not too dark, not too long and not too short but just right. We love to see a woman with thick full brows as much as a woman with little to no brows, this is the fun part for us here at Makiaj Beauty.

What is a bad brow? Let’s be realistic, brows can either make you or break you. Even before you wax or tweezed, eyebrows are meant to be sisters not twins! Makiaj Beauty believes that the right shape and the right tools will get you the right brow for you! We use a couple of tools such Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW (All shades),  Tarte (amazonian clay volumizing brow powder, a spooly or Mascara Wand, Maybelline clear brow gel and an angled brush.

Not only does a good eyebrow consist of the right tools you also have the grooming part. We love a well-groomed brow! Some gals prefer waxing over threading and vice versa. We here at Makiaj Beauty prefer the threading method as opposed to waxing. Threading is fast, less irritating and last a lot longer than a wax. Threading is great for brow shaping, does not contain harsh chemicals and great for sensitive skin. Waxing is good for coarse hairs and around the brow area, not necessarily brow shaping. Both methods are great, however this is something you have try for yourself to see what is best for you!

Here are a few photos of the work Makiaj Beauty has done – check out the  “Good Brow vs. Bad Brow.”

Bridal Beauty Brief: The Perfect Eyebrow | Arizona Weddings Magazine

For Kate, we first brushed with Maybelline’s clear brow gel, then starting from mid-point with the Anastasia Beverly Hills angle brush dipped in the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow in Chocolate, we swept it across giving her an arch complementary to her face shape. For the area closest to the nose (starting point) with the same angled brush we went upwards giving realistic strokes using what was left over. This helps create a natural look.

For Kim, we started off with Maybelline’s brow gel and used Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Brow Powder in Rich Brown. Giving her a complementary arch for her face shape we also used the Anastasia Beverly Hills angled brush to create these beautiful brows!

For Mindy, we used Maybelline’s Clear Brow Gel first. We ensured her brows weren’t going anywhere! Mindy requested a “stronger brow” and for this we used both Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Chococlate and Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Brow Powder in Rich Brown.