With the dawning of a new year, it’s time to bring out our predictions for the latest and greatest 2017 wedding trends. We suspect these trends will be all the rage on Pinterest and Instagram this year and want you to stay on top of what’s to be expected from weddings in the coming season. Below are the top eight wedding “Do’s” for 2017!

Artistic Invites
The Best 2017 Wedding Trends - Artistic Invitations | Arizona Weddings Magazine       

Couples are being encouraged to get very creative with their invites, save-the-dates, and RSVP cards and to show them off in their wedding album! Generally, the invites set the theme of your wedding and give guests a clue as to what your palette/setting will be like. But rather than go completely out-of-the-box with your invites, be more artistic and look for clean, simple lines with flowing calligraphy. Soft prints or watercolor effects are also particularly beautiful like these invited from Victoria York Design.

Candid Couple Photos
The Best 2017 Wedding Trends - Candid Couple Photos | Arizona Weddings Magazine

This year will see a rise in a trend that focuses on the lighthearted moments of the wedding. Candid couple photos capture special, unposed instances that show the natural joy and love shared by the couple. These photos also allow the couple’s personality to really shine through, and will definitely become a favorite for photo albums in 2017. Photo by: Sunshine & Reign Photography

The Best 2017 Wedding Trends - Crowns | Arizona Weddings Magazine

It’s time to see an reinvention of the traditional large, sparkly crowns that brides and princesses don in fairytales. Instead, halo crowns and small tiaras are the go-to accessory for weddings this year. While flower crowns have been around for a while, the newest trend is to wear your hair down in loose waves and opt for small, uniforms blooms in a halo pattern. Or choose a modern up-do and place a mini, detailed tiara on top. Photo by: Minson Weddings

Dark, Bold Palettes
The Best 2017 Wedding Trends - Bold Palettes | Arizona Weddings Magazine

While light, airy blush palettes took over 2016, we believe dark, bold palettes will prevail this year. Think of modern elegance with a hint of whimsy fun in shades of navy, plum, or burgundy. Photo by: Rachel Solomon Photography

Hanging Decor
The Best 2017 Wedding Trends - Hanging Decor | Arizona Weddings Magazine

For the first time, wedding decor will not be scattered around tables or reach toward the sky with precarious heights. The modern use of decor is to hang lights, linens, candles, ribbons, and even florals from the ceiling for a truly extra-dimensional look. Designers embrace this style for an awe-inspiring and fully-immersive experience for you and your guests. Photo by: Rachel Solomon Photography

Mini Desserts
The Best 2017 Wedding Trends - Mini Desserts | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Tiered cakes are a thing of the past, as couples are opting to present guests with mini hors d’oeuvres-like desserts such as cupcakes, pie cocktails, and candy bars. This allows guests to enjoy a mix and match of different dessert options, as well as offers better portion control. Mini desserts are a favorite among all guests, and take the hassle out of cake transportation and cutting. Photo by: Minson Weddings

Mix-it-up Music
The Best 2017 Wedding Trends - Mix-it-Up Music | Arizona Weddings Magazine

As weddings get more and more personalized, couples are choosing to incorporate both a live band and a DJ for their music. The order in which the DJ and live band appears can vary depending on the couple’s tastes, the wedding activities, and the age range of the guests in attendance. Regardless of how the band and DJ are used, having a mixture of music at your wedding will definitely create lasting impressions in 2017. Photo by: Ryan Nicole Photography

Unplugged Weddings
The Best 2017 Wedding Trends - Unplugged Weddings | Arizona Weddings Magazine

Prepare to be asked to turn your phone off at most weddings in 2017. Both photographers and wedding participants urge guests to stay off their phones by utilizing notices printed on invites and signs posted around the ceremony. Too often, guests will block the paid photographers from getting beautiful shots of the ceremony and aren’t even fully present in the special moments. In 2017, expect to do away with the electronic devices and opt for an unplugged wedding. Photo by: Rachel Solomon Photography

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