AWM Jewelry Contest Winner - Jenna and Preston

We are so excited to announce the winner of our December Jewelry Contest, Jenna Crawford Jenna is such wonderful bride-to-be and we are so happy for her. Jenna and her fiancé, Preston will be married on May 20, 2016 and we wish with them a lifetime of happiness, and we’re so happy she can add some sparkle to your day with some beautiful jewelry from Cornelis Hollander.

Here’s Jenna’s engagement/proposal story, from her perspective:

At the time of our engagement, Preston and I had been together for over a year. We first met June 2014 at Phoenix One, a group for young professionals that met twice a month at the downtown Phoenix campus of City of Grace Church. We were both volunteers with and have been inseparable ever since.  The night of the engagement, we had plans to go over to my parent’s home and watch the Cardinals game with them. That day, while Preston was at work, my mom called me to “cancel.” I thought nothing of it at the time. Little did I know what was about to happen! Preston came over to my house after work and told me he still wanted to take me out to dinner anyways. He made a joke that he was going “to look nicer than me” because he had brought a nice button up shirt to change into because he had planned on spending time with my parents. That was enough to get me to change my outfit as well as redo my hair and makeup right there! We got in the car and he told me that he wanted to eat at Jade Palace, a really nice Chinese restaurant in North Scottsdale that we had been to on one of our first dates together. We started heading there, but then he decided to make a pit stop at Riverview Park in Mesa. We parked and then headed over to the gorgeous fountain in the middle of the park. After watching the fountain and talking for a few minutes, he suddenly turned me around to face him and started telling me things like how much he loved me and he thought we worked well together as a team. All of a sudden, I saw him down on one knee and pulling a ring box out of his pocket and I finally realized that yes it was actually happening! Of course I said “YES!”, we snapped a few pics and continued on our date night to Jade Palace. After an amazing dinner, we drove over to each of our parent’s homes to share the good news in person! I think my favorite part of the proposal was that it was a sweet intimate moment shared just between the 2 of us. Since then, we have officially set a wedding date for 5/20/16 and cannot wait to celebrate with all of our friends and family!
Here is a little peek at Jenna & Preston E-sesh with photographer Brandon Knudsen – Brandon K Images.  Congratulations Jenna & Preston! XOXO

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