Take notice of these trends in Floral & Decor

Obession #1: Floral Chandeliers



Floral Chandeliers are my top trend obsession at the moment. You can play up so many different styles and elements, while giving huge displays of fresh-scented drama! The amazing thing about this trend is that you can play into any style or theme that you are envisioning while adding breath-taking décor your guests will surely be talking about. Talk about the WOW factor!!

Obsession #2: Bubble Glass


Bubble glass adds a touch of whimsy to each and every wedding. You can fill them with a unique décor element like exotic leaves or succulents. You can fill them with tea light candles to create a beautiful, intimate and romantic setting. Whatever you end up deciding they will be a gorgeous added on detail at your wedding.

Obsession #3: Bold Colors


One of the fun trends in wedding design at the moment are the daring color choices many brides are making. I love the juxtaposition of colors that you usually don’t find together. You will find oranges and blues, emeralds and pastels and many color palettes that will catch your eye. Opposites really do attract with this fun color scheme!

Hope you love these trends as much as I do. What trends are you obsessing over right now?