10 Things Your Bridal Consultant Wants You to Know: Part 2 | Arizona Weddings Magazine

We are back with Part 2 in the series: 10 Things Your Bridal Consultant Wants You to Know. Be sure to check out part 1 here!

6. Don’t play dress-up.
Your consultant most likely works off of commission, and they are trained professionals who are specifically working with you to help you find your gown. If you are making the point to set up an appointment, you need to be prepared to find your dream dress, don’t go “just to look”. Of course, try on different silhouettes and different styles, but don’t try on the same style over and over just because your entourage picked out the dresses. We know that trying on dresses is fun, but trust us when we say that celebrating with your girls afterwards is 10x better.

7. Don’t do the marathon.
The “marathon” is what bridal consultants call the store-to-store-to-store experience. When brides make an entire day of trying on dresses, they almost ruin the experience for themselves and DEFINITELY for their entourage. A bridal appointment is supposed to be fresh and fun and luxurious. After about the second or third time, it goes from fun to exhausting. Statistically, a bride will find her gown by the 7th or 8th dress, and even more commonly, brides tend to come back to the very first dress they try on. When shopping, allow yourself to fall in love with a gown, and when you do find it, STOP looking.

8. Eat and hydrate!
Have you ever been happy while hungry? Yeah, neither have we. Always make sure you eat before your appointment and drink water throughout. Trying on wedding gowns is exhausting, and you don’t want to be hangry or thirsty when trying to find your dream dress.

9. DON’T buy a dress online.
If you are seeing a full lace fitted gown for $500, it’s a scam. Either it will come in a less-than-flattering shade of lime green, the proportions will be completely wrong, or you won’t receive the dress at all. In addition to that, most of the models the designers use are not going to have the same proportions as you. Always, always, always try the gowns on, because you never know what silhouettes are going to flatter you the most. You might go into the appointment wanting a fit and flare ruched satin gown, and leave with a lace and tulle ball-gown, you just never know.

10. Trust your consultant.
These people are here to help you. Like we said before, it’s supposed to be a luxurious experience. Trust that your consultant knows that they’re talking about and has your best interest at heart. That consultant is there for YOU, so just sit back and relax and let them work their magic.

10 Things Your Bridal Consultant Wants You to Know: Part 2 | Arizona Weddings Magazine