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We asked one of our favorite bridal consultant what she thinks are the most important tips when a bride-to-be goes wedding gown shopping. She narrowed it down to 10 musts for every bride. In this two part series, we are sharing her first 5 today!

1. Wear good underwear and a strapless bra to your appointment.
Make sure you feel comfortable in the undergarments that you’re wearing. On that same note, wear a strapless bra because your hot pink straps are going to make a difference when it comes to how the dress looks. Most of the time the dress will either have enough structure to where you won’t need a bra, or you can have a seamstress sew-in cups for you.

2. Have an idea of what you’re looking for, but keep an open mind.
It’s good to know what kind of aesthetic you’re trying to go for, but you have no idea what these gowns will look and feel like until they are on your body. Make the most out of your appointment and try on every silhouette, even if it just ends up being for the pictures. You never want to think back and wish you had tried something different. Also, side note, wedding dresses run small, so don’t get discouraged by the size number, it’s going to be altered down to your size anyway.

3. Know your budget.
Wedding dress and alterations are expensive. The Knot found that in 2013, the average bride spent $1,281 just on the gown alone. Alterations tend to be an additional $300-$500. If you are working with a more conservative budget, take a look at consignment and white bridesmaids gowns beforehand. When you have a budget in mind, bring your money to the appointment and don’t try on dresses that are too expensive. We all know that naturally, it will be the dress you fall in love with.

4. Bring a support group, NOT a firing squad.
Your entourage is there to support you, love you, and go out for margaritas with you afterwards. They are not there to tell you that they don’t like how you look, in any given dress. There is a good chance that you may not pick a dress that *everyone* loves, and that is OK. It’s your day and you’re the one that has to look at the pictures for the rest of your life. If you feel beautiful in the dress, then it truly doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks.

5. Bring your adjectives and pictures to the appointment.
Your bridal consultant will ask you how you want to feel in the dress. These are trained professionals, this is what they do, so help them help you. Give them two or three adjectives to describe how you want to feel and the aesthetic you are trying to accomplish. Also bring your pictures, even if the boutique doesn’t have that exact dress, your consultant will try to help you find something similar.

Some good adjectives to use and how they can pair with dresses:
Romantic – lace, fit and flare
Sexy – fitted, low-back, satin, charmeuse, ruching
Soft – tulle, ball gown, blush colors, soft sparkles
Elegant – illusion neckline, lace, satin,
Bold/stunning – beading!
Boho – lace, champagne color, loose, flowing, chiffon

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10 Things your Bridal Consultant Wants you to Know: Part 1 | Arizona Weddings Magazine